Cloud Wash Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I order more Cloudy Blue Colorwash and Cloud White without ordering the whole kit if I run out?

Yes, It will be available on the web site shortly. In the mean time, call us to order at 206.329.4984.

Can Cloudwash go on a colored wall?

Yes. You will see the color below the colorwash, so test an area first to be sure this is the color you are looking for. In order to stay true to the color shown, apply over a white or off-white base coat of paint.

Can I apply colorwash over textured walls?

Yes, Cloudwash will help give your textured walls a soft broken color look. Whether your walls have an orange peel, knock down or lath and plaster finish, Cloudwash will bring warmth and depth to your room.

Can I use Cloudwash in my bathroom?

Yes. First clean walls with a vinegar and water solution or TSP. Start with a 75% colorwash 25% water mixture. For added protection, top coat with a water-based polyurethane.

Is Cloudwash Washable?

Yes, Cloudwash is an acrylic, you can use a clean cloth and water to remove unwanted finger prints.

Is Cloudwash water-based?

Yes. soap and warm water is all you need for clean up.

What is our Privacy Policy?

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