Painting clouds is as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Make your sky. Simply dilute Cloudy Blue Colorwash with water then wipe it on with our application cloth.

2. Draw your clouds and creatures. Our step-by-step video and how-to guide show you how to chalk out the shapes you want.

3. Apply Cloudy White Paint. Itís easy to fill in your shapes with Cloudy White Paint using our application cloth and brush.

Congratulations! You just turned a normal room into a dream room.


Design and Paint Guidelines

One question that does come up is how long does it take to complete a room. Although it varies with each person, the average person can wipe a 8 foot high wall by 10 ft long with a coat of colorwash in about 25 minutes. The second coat usually takes 10 to 15 minutes. The clouds can be done in stages. After you put the shapes on the wall using the chalk that comes with the Cloudwash kit I suggest you take a break.

By taking a few minutes to walk away and come back you can take a fresh look at the layout before begining to fill in your clouds. If you want to move a cloud, just wipe off the chalk and put it somewhere else. It is as easy as that. The next step is to fill in the clouds by wiping the Cloudy White Paint in one cloud at a time. The first coat should take about 45 seconds to a minute per cloud. Move from one cloud to the next, by the time you have moved across the wall you will be ready to put the next layer on.

These will show you how our product is different from regular house paint. Our Colorwash and Cloud Paint have been formulated to go on with just enough pigment to allow you to form your sky in layers. This allows you to mess up a cloud layer and still fix it with another coat. Our colorwash is semi-transparent so it will get more interesting the more layers you put on. Regular paint is not semi-transparent, with multiple coats it becomes solid and lifeless.

Let your design imagination run wild

Our step-by-step video and how-to guide show you how to easily create a realistic sky, clouds, and anything else you can dream upótry our friendly bunny, or ducks, or even rocket ships. Check back here later for more creative Cloud Kit ideas.

Itís simple to use and clean up

Our water-based colorwash and paint clean up easily with soap and water. Invite your children to help! And play it safe: avoid eye contact and wash hands after use.


Water Color Walls

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Life's too short for white walls. WatercolorWalls colorwash is the fast, easy way to paint the soft look of ancient italian frescoes. Our kit includes everything you will need to get started. Our Colorwash paint is available in 11 inspiring colors.

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