A Child's Imagination Begins at Home

New Cloudwash Kit contains everything you need to create blue skies, fluffy clouds and dreamy creatures.

Seattle, June 2004

Seattle based Watercolor Walls Inc. has developed a cloud kit for creating realistic clouds as well as clouds shaped like bunnies and sailboats for the children's market. The product, called Cloudwash (www.cloudwash.com), has all of the components needed including the blue Colorwash for the sky and white paint for the clouds.

What makes this kit truly unique to the children's market is that it doesn't require any additional tools to complete the cloud project. "We wanted to create an easy-to-use product that could stand alone in children's stores," says Tim Creveling, founder of the 3-year-old company. "The Cloudwash kit concept is an expansion of our Watercolor Walls Colorwash kit which sells in over 500 stores nationwide."

"We teamed up with an artist/theatrical scene painter, who introduced the idea of using chalk to first create the cloud shapes on the wall, thus giving the first-time painter the ability to wipe off and re-draw, before committing to paint. There is a bunny pattern included that can be cut out and traced onto the wall. The result is a room any child would love to call his or her own.

The timeless look of realistically painted clouds has been seen on walls and ceilings for generations. The Cloudwash kit enhanced the look to include whimsical clouds shaped like a bunny, duck, sailboat or even a rocket ship.

Each Cloudwash kit contains a 20 minute step-by-step video, a bottle of "Cloudy Blue" Colorwash, a bottle of "Cloudy White" paint, a paint brush, piece of chalk, a large bunny pattern to trace, two cloths, a pair of gloves and a colorful instruction book. One kit can cover up to two walls of an 8' x 10'room or one ceiling.

A visit to www.cloudwash.com provides parents plenty of inspiration. You can view photos of rooms, as well as the kit contents and a list of stores where the product is available. The Cloud Wash kit is only $49.95.